Divergent Release Day Previews

DivergentDivergent is finally in theaters today! Are you going? Let me know what you think! (I’m going to go but I’m traveling this weekend so it may not be until next weekend; I’ll belatedly post some thoughts then.) Here’s a special preview featuring Ellie Goulding talking about the music she did for the movie:

Here’s a new promo called “Four Warrior:”

And one called “Who You Are:”

Divergent: Meet Four Featurette & Fighting Back Promo

DivergentDivergent will be in theaters in two and a half weeks, so we’ve got some new goodies to look at! In the featurette “Meet ‘Four,'” star Theo James (along with other members of the cast and crew and author Veronica Roth) discuss his mysterious character, Four.

And here’s a new promo, “Fighting Back:”

Final Theatrical Trailer for Divergent

DivergentThe final trailer for Divergent has now been generally released, and I have to say it gives me hope. I love the way that it focuses much more on setting up the world and on Tris’s personal struggles than on the romance. Of course, the romance is an important part of the book and I want it to be well-executed in the movie, but I’m glad the marketing isn’t centering just on that.