New Boxcar Children Movies

According to Deadline, a bunch of new family movies based on children’s books are headed our way from Shout Factory and Legacy Classics – starting with The Boxcar Children. I love these books, so I’m . . . cautiously optimistic. The main thing I’m curious about is whether they’ll making the setting historical or modernize it. I’m not sure about the later books in the series (written by various writers), but so much happens in the early books that would just not make sense given current foster care systems, etc. I feel like an update would really struggle to maintain the original flavor. But we’ll see.

This is also interesting because it says there will be at least four movies, starting with three animated features, but possibly including live-action. Are they going to be part of the same series? Start over at the beginning with live action? Tell me more about the Boxcar Children Cinematic Universe, people.

(Apropos of nothing: I am not wild about the current covers on these books, which… the Amazon embed thingy isn’t working at the moment but you can see the first one here.)