Bones Midseason Premiere Clips!

BonesBones finally returns to Fox tomorrow (Thursday) at 8/7c, so let’s take a gander at some clips! And I’ll take this opportunity to ask: Are you guys still watching the show? Should I be covering it, or not bother? Let me know!

Back to Normal:

Checking Out:

Working the Case:

Bones Thoughts & Open Thread: The Lost Love in the Foreign Land


“The Lost Love in the Foreign Land” dealt head-on with the often invisible issue of human trafficking into the United States, and I always have mixed feelings about Issue episodes like this. I absolutely think this is an important problem that should get more attention, and presenting themes like this through fiction is a great way to make people care about them and, hopefully, look for more information. At the same time, it’s too easy for Issues to feel shoehorned into an episode. This was done better than most, though – as a mystery, this investigation into the death of a woman being held as a slave wasn’t particularly complex or unique, but it was solid enough.

And the plight of the woman murdered after her father sold her to traffickers, and the one of the trafficked woman who murdered her so her rebellion wouldn’t be taken out on the rest of the group, definitely led the team at the Jeffersonian to appreciate how lucky they are. At the end of the episode, Cam pushes Hodgins to leave the lab a little early: “I just want to go home and give Michael Vincent a hug.” “Then this can definitely wait until tomorrow.” Aww. Booth and Brennan have a great bit of domesticity with Christine, as well: “She wanted me to tell you that she loves you, and she wants pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse for breakfast.” Hee. Booth says “Don’t ever let me take any of this for granted, Bones. How lucky we are,” and I love that these two central families are in such good places after years of difficulties.

But the main interpersonal subplot of the episode focused on Cam and Arastoo. Brennan rejects Arastoo’s dissertation proposal, because she thinks he’s just trying to please her by picking a topic she’s studied rather than doing his own trail-blazing. Her initial manner of rejection is extremely insensitive and tone-deaf, even for her, but Arastoo comes to understand her point and picks a better topic that interests him more. In the meantime, though, Cam confronts Brennan on his behalf, and that he’s mad about. (Brennan’s not thrilled either: “Do you feel he’s not capable of discussing this with me directly?”) He feels Cam is showing a lack of respect for him and his seriousness, and connects it to the way she always avoids questions about their future together. “It’s not Dr. Brennan I can’t deal with, Cam. I think it’s you.” They make up by the end of the episode, but I’m curious to see where this is going – they’re sort of talking about marriage, but having three married couples in the lab seems like a bit much, so I’m skeptical of whether the show will actually do that.

Other favorite lines & points of interest:

  • Loved seeing Cam’s house.
  • “Man, excrement is our friend on this one.”
  • “I just said ‘batcaves.'” I love Hodgins.
  • “No matter what the anthropological reasons, we fight to make the world a better place.”
  • I was writing “Booth says ‘Good boy’ to Aubrey exactly like a dog” even before Aubrey complained about being talked to like a dog. Heh.
  • I never would have particularly expected Brennan to quote Tennyson. “Full pardon, but I follow up the quest, / Despite of Day and Night and Death and Hell.”
  • “I usually know when I’ve solved the case.”
  • “I would thank a god if I believed in one.” “Then I’ll do it for you.”

Bones Clips & Behind-the-Scenes Video: The Geek in the Guck

BonesHere are a few clips from tonight’s new episode of Bones, “The Geek in the Guck.” Hey, Laura Spencer’s back!

In “Slingshot Splashdown!” T.J. Thyne, Michaela Conlin, and Tamara Taylor talks about Hodgins’s latest experiment:

Clip: “No Ifs, Ands or Guts About It”

Clip: “Kindergarten Is a Critical Choice” (a.k.a. THE CUTEST THING EVER)

Bones Featurettes & Clips: Drag in the Queen

BonesAfter a brief hiatus, Bones returns on Monday with the penultimate episode of the season, “Drag in the Queen.” Here’s a little behind-the-scenes commentary in “This Murder Investigation Is a Real Drag:”

And some information about Sweets’s new responsibilities:

To the clips:

Substitute Partner:

Drag Revelations:

Did Sweets Just “Brennan” Cam?

Bones Thoughts & Open Thread: The Nail in the Coffin

BonesHey, Bones fans, if you hadn’t heard, the last few episodes of the season have been rescheduled: tonight’s episode will air on May 12th, and the season finale on May 19th.

So in the meantime, let’s talk about last week’s episode: The ghost killer is back! Cam doesn’t want Brennan involved in the case because of her history of taking it so personally, and boy, does that cause a lot of tension. (Booth manages to tread the very difficult line of doing his job while also clearly and publicly supporting his wife.) And, of course, Brennan shows up anyway.

And the ghost killer turns out to be . . . Stephanie McNamara! (We last saw her played by Kelly Rutherford. When her brother died.) I was happy that Cam remembered that Hodgins knew the McNamaras, and the show dropped in some nice signs of this old familiarity, including Hodgins referring to “Steph.” It turns out that McNamara was abused by her father, and as a teenager killed a classmate her father raped – and the father then covered it up. This then, presumably, triggered her serial killings – and the man framed for her first murder eventually killed her.

The whole thing about Booth’s potential promotion continues, and I’m curious where it’s going, because obviously they’re not going to have them leave DC or have Booth and Brennan stop working together. (Unless we’re in for another time jump, I guess.) Anyway, this week Brennan was writing an assessment of Booth, and it led to some sweet and very them moments, but . . . why? Why did the FBI ask her to do this? Surely they know she’s his wife. Ah well. And wow, apparently Booth would need to be confirmed by Congress for this new job, so it’s really a big deal.

Other favorite lines and points of interest:

  • I loved the kid at the beginning trying to cover her fear with very teenaged disdain. “Stop, Dad, this is stupid.”
  • I also love Clark’s ongoing “Am I the only professional here?” stuff.
  • “Tons of money, and all that’s left is murder, sadness, and secrets.”
  • “I’m more of a crescendo guy.”
  • “As a prosecutor, that makes me want to slap someone silly.”
  • “Tell us why you’re happy?” “I understand! I am also happy!”

Bones Promo & Clips: The Nail in the Coffin

BonesBones only has three episodes left this season, so you know things are about to get super-dramatic. And Monday’s new episode, “The Nail in the Coffin,” brings back the ghost killer! And these clips suggest some interesting conflict, with Booth doing a good job of supporting Brennan. According to this promo, the cast will also be livetweeting, so make sure you watch live if you want to follow along with that.


“Gut Instinct” Clip:

“No Bones About It” Clip:

Bones Thoughts & Open Thread: The Cold in the Case


“The Cold in the Case” was literal cold last night, in a Bones case of the week that revolved around cryonics. The team finds all sorts of conflicting evidence about time of death when a body is recovered from a swamp, and it turns out that this is because the body was cryogenically frozen and then thawed. (Weirdly, Booth seems to have never heard of cryonics, which I don’t buy, but I do buy that he disapproves of the practice.) The murder itself winds up being about the fairly usual motives of love and obsession, but this was definitely an interesting framework for it.

There are exciting personal developments this week as Arastoo’s parents come for a visit, and Arastoo wants them to meet Cam. Cam is worried that Arastoo’s rather traditional parents won’t approve of her, and that he’ll be forced to choose. Arastoo stands up for himself and Cam when he thinks his parents are attacking them, but it turns out that his parents are more accepting than he’d thought, and more willing to forget his bad boy past. “Whatever made you think we didn’t notice you’d grown up?” his mother asks. “You’re not a teenager anymore. Let us be proud of you. Let us be happy for you.” Awww.

And there’s another interesting relationship issue when the assistant director starts giving Booth other agents’ cases to review – and asks Sweets about him. It’s clear to everyone that he might be up for some sort of promotion, but Booth is only annoyed by people talking about it. At first it seems that he’s worried about a possible transfer to Germany and what ramifications that would have on his family live, even though Brennan reassures him that she’d be happy to come along: “Would you really uproot everything?” “Wouldn’t you?” But it turns out that Booth’s real worry is that the government will try to make him be a sniper again, and he’s not willing to return to that.

Other favorite lines and points of interest:

  • “Is something happening that I don’t understand?” “Yes.”
  • “It’s not that big a deal, really.” “That’s what I said until Angela’s father knocked me out and tattooed me.”
  • “If you say ‘cool,’ you won’t have sex for like a year.”
  • “That never sounded good to me. I mean, unicorns, they seem dangerous, with the horn and everything.”

Bones Thoughts & Open Thread: The High in the Low


In “The High in the Low,” the victim of the week is a lupus patient turned medical marijuana advocate who is killed by someone who tries to use a fake card to buy marijuana at the dispensary where she works. This case ties nicely into what is really the main plot of the week: Wendell’s back! He’s clearly still ill, but functioning, and the others understand to differing degrees the way the he wants to just be allowed to work and be treated normally. Because of the case, Wendell ends up telling Hodgins that he’s been using medical marijuana as part of his treatment, and Hodgins encourages him to be open about it and assures him no one at the Jeffersonian will care – which is not quite true. Angela and Brennan react as expected, but Cam points out that since medical marijuana is illegal on a federal level, she can’t let him work at a federal institution, or they risk having all evidence he handles being considered compromised.

Elsewhere, Booth is preparing for an exam that will test his shooting, critical thinking, and more, and Brennan uses this to tease him (mostly kindly) about how set in his ways he is – something Booth tries to deny without much success. (But don’t worry – he gets his personal best, a 97% score, on the test.) And this discussion gets less theoretical once it turns to medical marijuana in general and Wendell in particular. At first, Booth’s stance is similar to Cam’s – he wants his friend to get the treatment he needs, but as a federal agent, Booth has to consider it a crime.

But maybe Booth can change, because he goes to Caroline for a solution, and in an adorable scene that calls back to the time when Wendell showed up at Booth and Brennan’s house to discuss whether he should get treatment, Booth and Brennan go to Wendell’s apartment to tell him that the Jeffersonian can hire him back as a consultant, as long as he doesn’t handle evidence. I love that Booth did this for him, and I’m glad Wendell’s back.

Other favorite lines and points of interest:

  • “I always drive.” “I know, but since you’re not set in your ways, it’ll be a nice change.”
  • Angela’s new emulation apparatus THEO is pretty nifty, and Angela’s comment about relationships beginning in the janitor’s closet now turned into THEO’s office was a nice bit of meta, considering the ridiculous number of interpersonal entanglements the Jeffersonian seems to have.
  • “You’re the Pied Piper of termites!”
  • “Making you look bad is one of the things that keeps me going.”
  • “We had sex before we were married in Virginia.”