First Looks at Time After Time and Still Star-Crossed

TV news is coming in very quickly this week, and early next week, after the carnage is all over, we’ll have a master post for you detailing which shows based on books were renewed or canceled – and which new adaptations are coming our way. In the meantime, though, ABC has posted very short videos for two shows based on novels that it has picked up to series, so let’s take a look!

Time After Time is based on the time travel novel by Karl Alexander, and it’s about Jack the Ripper and H.G. Wells and honestly I’ve read the Wikipedia page five times and can’t seem to retain anything else about it, so I’ll have to read the novel and get back to you. But hey, the show stars Josh Bowman and Freddie Stroma, so that’s a good start.

I know “Romeo and Juliet sequel” is an easy laugh, but Still Star-Crossed (based on the novel by Melinda Taub) deals with the aftermath of their deaths among the people left behind, which is actually a quite interesting idea.

Daily Read (4/18/16)

Ooh! Joel David Moore – of Bones – is directing a “semi-dystopian” adaptation of Timon of Athens! That story calls it a “modern day Gatsby,” which makes me realize I might not have any idea what Timon of Athens is about. Huh.

Spike TV has ordered a series based on Stephen King’s The Mist. Anyone read that? Should I?

I know we all laugh at the “Romeo & Juliet sequel” concept, but I hear that the book Still Star-Crossed is actually quite good, so the show will be worth a look. Anyway, they’ve cast Clara Rugaard to play Juliet… in flashbacks, I assume?

HBO is making a Fahrenheit 451 movie.

So about that Romeo & Juliet sequel…

As soon as news broke yesterday that ABC ordered a pilot for a Romeo & Juliet sequel, the Internet was covered in “But how could there be a sequel? THEY’RE BOTH DEAD” jokes. And sure, fine joke, but in case you’re actually curious about the answer: it’s about the surviving members of the Montague and Capulet families after Romeo and Juliet themselves die, and it actually sounds pretty interesting! (I’m here for anything involving palace intrigue, really.) I hear that the novel, Melinda Taub’s Still Star-Crossed, is actually quite good; I’ll try to get it from the library soon and let you know what I think. But I’m hopeful about this one. (Though I do think they should probably change the title to avoid association with the failed CW show.)