Grantchester: The Making of Season 2

Missing Grantchester already? Here’s a fun behind-the-scenes look at season two, featuring stars Robson Green, James Norton, and Tessa Peake-Jones, EP Diederick Santer, writer Daisy Coulam, dog handler Sandra Pearson, and more. They talk the Dickens’s stunt double, the atmosphere on set, and, well: “It’s like three puppy dogs, not just one.” Aww.

Grantchester Season Finale Preview

GrantchesterThe first season of Grantchester is coming to an end this Sunday, and I’m very sad about it – I’ve been loving this show. Anyone else? Season two has indeed been ordered by ITV, so hopefully PBS will air it next year. Cross your fingers! In the meantime, I’m planning to read the original books and blog about them, so look for that soon.

Here’s a preview for this Sunday’s finale, and I’m amused at the fact that it focuses completely on the personal drama and angst with barely anything about, you know, a mystery. But I’m very concerned about Geordie – he’d better be okay!