Bones Midseason Premiere Clips!

BonesBones finally returns to Fox tomorrow (Thursday) at 8/7c, so let’s take a gander at some clips! And I’ll take this opportunity to ask: Are you guys still watching the show? Should I be covering it, or not bother? Let me know!

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Working the Case:

Bones Thoughts & Open Thread: The Corpse at the Convention


“The Corpse at the Convention” was a fun episode of Bones, mainly because of the setting – a forensic sciences convention at which Brennan was a keynote speaker. The whole Jeffersonian team was treated like rock stars, which was fun to see, and seemingly every person at the convention tried to either get a job with them or sell them something. (Including Sean Gunn, a.k.a. Kirk from Gilmore Girls!) This continues once they start investigating the murder that inevitably occurs at the convention. They do find some of the offered equipment useful – including gloves made by the murderer himself – and Cam even has to call security on “experts” who get into the lab trying to impress the team.

Brennan’s speech also provided a great showcase for Booth’s whole-hearted but non-perfect (in a good way) support of her. Before the convention, she’s nervous about her speech and practicing it for him, even though he’s really not the intended audience: he doesn’t get her Schrodinger joke at all, even though it kills in the actual speech later. (I liked it, Brennan!) But what’s more important is that he did reassure her and tell her, completely sincerely, “You are the smartest person in that room.” Aww. I love how they’ve evolved to this point of faith in each other and respect for each others’ awesomeness even when they can’t entirely relate to or understand the specifics. And I loved that she used the joke he suggested in her speech – along with the one she wanted to do, not as a replacement – even though the audience wasn’t into it, because she knew it would make him happy. And I really loved how proud he was of her as he sat there in the audience.

The victim of the week was Hodgins’s former college research partner Leona Saunders, who he now hates because he says she stole millions of dollars of work from him. Hodgins was worth billions at the time so it wasn’t as big a deal, at least financially, but now he needs money, so of course he has to be seen as a suspect. (Again. “It makes me wanna kill someone so you don’t waste your time!” Oh, Hodgins.) I like how this was handled: everyone did their jobs and didn’t give Hodgins a free pass, but it was also made clear that no one on the team really thought he was guilty, and while everyone was a little worried, there was no big “Will Hodgins go to jail?” drama.

Speaking of rivals, we also had the return of Nora Dunn as Tess Brown, the fellow forensic novelist who Brennan said terrible things about in a previous episode. She has started doing at least some research for her books, but she continues to be a pretty terrible person, and tries to use the murder to promote her new book – which happens to be about a murder at a forensics convention. “Do you think I’d commit a murder to get a book deal?” “Yeah, I think you would.” Heh. I love Booth.

And Wendell’s back and in remission! I like that he’s back and also that the team isn’t acting like nothing happened. They’re so happy to have him there and bending over backwards to accommodate him while still treating him as a professional. Hodgins: “You are in remission. You can do whatever you want.” Aww. When he’s late getting back from treatment, they all worry, but it turns out that he’s okay – but one of the men in his clinical trial group has suddenly died. It’s great that Booth is the one he felt able to call for support in this situation – another way that this group is now a family – and that Booth talked him into not giving up hope and coming back to work. They can’t kill someone else off so soon after Sweets, right? Right??

Other favorite lines & points of interest:

  • I like how many episodes recently are starting with Booth and Brennan at home. It nicely grounds things in their relationship without having to specifically bring Relationship Issues into every episode.
  • “Does everyone in this place hate each other?”
  • “Am I hurting someone?” “Yes, you are, someone with a sense of decency.”
  • Loved the little touch of Brennan ordering food for Booth at the diner.
  • “I really do think you’re a good guy. So please don’t be the killer!”
  • “You’re of no use to me if your cancer returns and you die, Mr. Bray.” Oh, Brennan.
  • “So you’ve cheated on your wife, now you’ve turned it into a poem. That’s great.”
  • “Which you titled Hotter Than My Heart. That’s kind of a crime in itself.”
  • On the murderer’s research from jail: “I look forward to seeing it.” “Really, Bones?” “Really.” Heh.

Bones Thoughts & Open Thread: The High in the Low


In “The High in the Low,” the victim of the week is a lupus patient turned medical marijuana advocate who is killed by someone who tries to use a fake card to buy marijuana at the dispensary where she works. This case ties nicely into what is really the main plot of the week: Wendell’s back! He’s clearly still ill, but functioning, and the others understand to differing degrees the way the he wants to just be allowed to work and be treated normally. Because of the case, Wendell ends up telling Hodgins that he’s been using medical marijuana as part of his treatment, and Hodgins encourages him to be open about it and assures him no one at the Jeffersonian will care – which is not quite true. Angela and Brennan react as expected, but Cam points out that since medical marijuana is illegal on a federal level, she can’t let him work at a federal institution, or they risk having all evidence he handles being considered compromised.

Elsewhere, Booth is preparing for an exam that will test his shooting, critical thinking, and more, and Brennan uses this to tease him (mostly kindly) about how set in his ways he is – something Booth tries to deny without much success. (But don’t worry – he gets his personal best, a 97% score, on the test.) And this discussion gets less theoretical once it turns to medical marijuana in general and Wendell in particular. At first, Booth’s stance is similar to Cam’s – he wants his friend to get the treatment he needs, but as a federal agent, Booth has to consider it a crime.

But maybe Booth can change, because he goes to Caroline for a solution, and in an adorable scene that calls back to the time when Wendell showed up at Booth and Brennan’s house to discuss whether he should get treatment, Booth and Brennan go to Wendell’s apartment to tell him that the Jeffersonian can hire him back as a consultant, as long as he doesn’t handle evidence. I love that Booth did this for him, and I’m glad Wendell’s back.

Other favorite lines and points of interest:

  • “I always drive.” “I know, but since you’re not set in your ways, it’ll be a nice change.”
  • Angela’s new emulation apparatus THEO is pretty nifty, and Angela’s comment about relationships beginning in the janitor’s closet now turned into THEO’s office was a nice bit of meta, considering the ridiculous number of interpersonal entanglements the Jeffersonian seems to have.
  • “You’re the Pied Piper of termites!”
  • “Making you look bad is one of the things that keeps me going.”
  • “We had sex before we were married in Virginia.”

Bones Thoughts & Open Thread: Big in the Philippines


First of all, I sincerely apologize for saying it looked like Bones would be lighter this week, because obviously it was not. (In my defense, the clips they used totally looked lighter!) This was one of those episodes for me in which the case of the week was perfectly fine, but it was almost entirely overshadowed by the personal things going on with the characters. The themes in the case about love and being remembered, of course, did tie in with the Wendell plot, but it was all done so beautifully that it didn’t bother me the way such parallels do when they’re too heavy-handed.

But let’s get to the point: Oh, no, Wendell. He’s one of my favorite squinterns, and I don’t want any more of them to die just in general. I loved the way Brennan’s scientific skills made her the one to figure out what was going on, but she had to stretch all of her personal and social abilities to deal with it. Clearly what I said last week about Brennan trying to support Edison was just a warm-up. “We are a good team, Mr. Bray.” Aww. And I love that Wendell went to Booth to talk, and that Booth tried to talk him into treatment. And that it worked. I know the odds aren’t good, but I’m happy we’ll have Wendell around at least a little longer. “Maybe I want to be remembered in the right way. By the people I care about.”

That whole plot made me think about how much Booth and Brennan have grown. Obviously they’re literal parents, but they’ve also slipped into a parental role for their younger coworkers/friends, and the scenes of them dancing in their living room were so mature and adult that it took my breath away. “Sometimes you just have to dance to the music that’s given to you.” Indeed, and it’s a sign of huge growth and believable character evolution that they could both get there. Their hug with Wendell, too, was genuine and touching rather than coming across as sappy or tear-jerking. Star David Boreanaz directed this episode, and as always, I was really impressed by how well he hit the emotional notes.

Other favorite lines and points of interest:

  • “So the First Lady secondhand hand-picked you.”
  • “I don’t think this is what the First Lady had in mind when she wanted everybody to garden.”
  • “Bones, remember that conversation we had about people trying to eat?”
  • The musician victim in the episode was played by Charlie Worsham, and I will definitely be checking out more of his music.
  • “A joke implies humor, which was missing from your comment.”
  • “When a song isn’t good for dancing, you know, the solution is just to dancer slower.” “That doesn’t sound true.”

Bones Thoughts & Open Thread: The Dude in the Dam


There were a whole lot of forms of parenthood going on in “The Dude in the Dam,” from the murder victim who sold his sperm widely but didn’t want to have anything to do with his own child to Hodgins’s incubation of an insect under his skin. That was so very gross and so very Hodgins. Perfection. And I think the writers walked a fine line very well with Angela’s reaction to the situation – she was loving and supportive of her husband without being happy about the bug or being into it like Wendell was, which would have been out of character for her. Given all the parenthood talk, I’m a little surprised the idea of Hodgins and Angela having another child didn’t come up again, but maybe that’s coming soon.

Other thoughts:

  • The cute geeky kids who found the body were great. Can we keep them?
  • Booth’s Luddite rant seemed over-the-top, even for him.
  • Brennan’s “feud” also seemed over-the-top until it became clear that Brown was baiting her. I’m glad her tactlessness wound up working out for her in the end, but I still find it a bit unbelievable that her publisher would let her be out there saying this stuff without at least trying to give her some media training.
  • Hodgins line of the episode: “No one appreciates the power of the mollusk.”

Bones: Promo & 2 Clips from “El Carnicero en el Coche”

BonesReady for a taste of Monday’s upcoming new episode of Bones, “El Carnicero en el Coche”? Here’s a promo and two clips from the episode. And hey, Wendell’s back. I’m worried about Sweets, though. Enjoy!


Clip: “On Leave”

Clip: “Leave It to Cleaver”