Guillermo Del Toro & Lucy Alibar to Adapt The Secret Garden

Deadline is reporting that Guillermo Del Toro and Lucy Alibar are co-writing a movie adaptation of The Secret Garden for Universal. I am both intrigued and worried by the fact that this adaptation will apparently be set “in the American South at the turn of the 20th Century.” I’m hoping for something Southern Gothic in tone, I guess, though I love the setting of the original. Deadline also implies that there is literal magic involved, though I’m not sure if that’s an announced part of this new movie or just a misunderstanding of the original text. I hope the latter, but given that Guillermo Del Toro is involved, I suppose it’s likely that they’re going to add magic. I’m afraid that will ruin the message of the book, frankly, which is that people have to make their own magic through care and work and love. (Well, that’s among the themes, anyway.) But trust me: I’ll be following this one closely.

Top 5 Oscar Nominees All Adaptations

One thing I noticed when perusing the full list of Academy Award nominations is that the five movies nominated for the most awards are all adaptations. Lincoln (based in part on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals) leads the pack with twelve, while Life of Pi (from the novel by Yann Martel) has eleven, Silver Linings Playbook (from the novel by Matthew Quick) has eight, and Argo (from the article by Joshuah Bearman, mostly) and Les Miserables (which is of course based on the stage play, but that’s based on Hugo’s novel) are both at seven. Interestingly, that list does not exactly match up with the Best Adapted Screenplay nominees, as Les Mis is not nominated there and Beasts of the Southern Wild is.

Speaking of, Beasts and Anna Karenina are the next most nominated adaptations with four each, while The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has three. The Avengers, Hitchcock, Kon-Tiki, and A Royal Affair each have one. And it’s possible I missed a few, especially among the shorts, which generally have less information readily available; this list was just based on my own quick research. If you know of others, please let me know!

Critics’ Choice Awards Liveblog

Ready for the Critics’ Choice Awards? Here we go!

8:02: Our host is Sam Rubin. Google tells me he works for ReelzChannel and KTLA.

8:05: Oh hi, Henry Cavill and Nina Dobrev! They are very pretty, and I love the blue of Nina’s dress. They give Best Acting Ensemble to Silver Linings Playbook, based on the novel by Matthew Quick. And Young Actor or Actress goes to Quvenzhane Wallis for Beasts of the Southern Wild (based on the play by Lucy Alibar) and she is SO CUTE. Completely age-appropriate and reading her speech from an iPhone in a neon pink case. ADORABLE.

8:19: Best Actress in an Action Movie: Jennifer Lawrence for The Hunger Games. Actor: Daniel Craig for Skyfall. (Interesting case – the character is certainly based on books, even if not this particular plot.) And Best Action Movie: Skyfall. The award is being accepted by the CEO of MGM, which is . . . interesting, especially since some people who worked on the movie are in fact there.

8:29: Eddie Redmayne looks very spiffy and is presenting Best Supporting Actress to Anne Hathaway, his Les Mis costar, and it looks like he’s a little teary announced it. Aww. In her speech she calls them out for spelling her name wrong, which is AWESOME.

8:33: Octavia Spencer is sparkly in navy and gives Best Supporting Actor to Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is not there, for The Master. But the clips showed one of my favorite lines from Argo, so that’s something.

8:41: Emmy Rossum is GORGEOUS and has a beautiful flowy dress and is speaking French. She and Cory Monteith give the Foreign Language Film award to Amour.

8:51: Rebel Wilson is doing some sort of schtick and giving some sort of genius award to Judd Apatow and I’m not really sure what’s going on.

9:05: Ian Somerhalder and Jaime King don’t even do a bit. They quickly give Best Sci-Fi/Horror to Looper. Awards given earlier: Cinematography and Visual Effects to Life of Pi, Art Direction and Costume Design to Anna Karenina, Editing to Zero Dark Thirty, and Makeup to Cloud Atlas. Hey, all but one of those started as novels!

9:15: Eva Longoria and Paul Wesley, who are in an upcoming film together, are giving Best Actress in a Comedy to Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook. She’s having quite a night, and her speech is lovely. Actor goes to Bradley Cooper for the same. I think they’re playing some Beach Boys vocals? Is that in the movie? Interesting. On Russell: “He got all of us to be real, and to be real we had to be funny, too.” I like that. Best Comedy Movie, unsurprisingly, also goes to Silver Linings Playbook.

9:28: Apparently they let the public vote online for Favorite Film Franchise, and Twilight won. Okay. BUT OH HI, Ray Liotta! He gives Best Director to Ben Affleck for Argo! Affleck looks stunned, perhaps because of his Oscar nomination snub this morning. Will he mention that in his speech? HA. Yes, he starts with “I would like to thank the Academy,” then insists that this award is the one that counts. He does mention the real Tony Mendez, and they cut to someone in the audience who . . . might be him? I’m not sure.

9:34: Given earlier: Animated to Wreck-It Ralph, Documentary to Searching for Sugar Man, Original Screenplay to Django Unchained, and – here’s the one we’re concerned with – Adapted Screenplay to . . . Lincoln! Song to Skyfall and score to Lincoln.

9:39: Aw, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s one of several guys wearing dark gray. I approve. He gives Best Actress to Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty. I like that she’s wearing red, but her dress don’t look like it quite fits. You’re winning awards! Make them tailor your dress properly! She thanks the writer for giving her “a woman defined by herself, without a male counterpart.” Nice. And she gets teary thanking Kathryn Bigelow. Aww. NOW SHE IS QUOTING BRECHT. I’m officially on Team Chastain.

9:47: Melissa Leo, who is apparently in Flight, is here giving Best Actor. Apparently 8 of the 9 past winners have also won the Oscar! Daniel Day-Lewis wins for Lincoln.

9:54: Last award! Best Picture. Matthew McConaughey is presenting. And it’s . . . Argo! Yaaaaay! I really, really loved that movie. I am thrilled.