Daily Read (5/4/16)

I loved Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood and I’m intrigued that the movie (produced by Stephenie Meyer) will star Cameron Monaghan and Maddie Hasson, both of whom I have liked quite a lot in other things.

This has a Game of Thrones spoiler (from the most recent episode, not something yet to come) so I will say no more but it is really cute, if you’re caught up.

Paramount TV has optioned Rebecca Traister’s All the Single Ladies, a book I am quite excited to read. But I’m always curious when nonfiction books like this are optioned, especially if they’re not biographies or narrative histories. Is it going to be… fictionalized, somehow?

National Geographic Channel’s first scripted series will be called Genius and be an anthology series based on various geniuses, which is pretty intriguing. First up: Einstein, based on the Isaacson book. Who would we cast as Einstein???

Televisa – they seem to be doing a lot all of a sudden – is adapting Scott Shepherd’s sci-fi novel The Seventh Day. Haven‘s Lloyd Segan is an EP, and… honestly, after the way that show totally fell apart, I’m not sure it’s a point in favor of this, but. ACTUALLY. Wait. Segan left Haven back in 2012, so I will only hold him responsible for the parts of the show I liked. So I’m back on board here.

Stephenie Meyer to Produce Anna Dressed in Blood Movie

The L.A. Times is reporting that Twilight‘s Stephenie Meyer is developing a movie adaptation of Kendare Blake’s young adult novel Anna Dressed in Blood. There are, of course, immediate comparisons to Twilight, but other than the fact that both properties involve teenagers and romance and something paranormal, I don’t think they’re similar at all. Anna Dressed in Blood, one of the best and most original YA novels I’ve read recently, has a much darker, grittier tone; there’s more action and less romance. (If anything, I’d compare it to Supernatural.) And the genders are switched – Cas is a ghost hunter and Anna is a ghost. (So, yeah, you can see why this romance is problematic.) Since so many paranormal romances involve human girls and supernatural men, I’m always delighted to see the reverse, as in both this one and the soon-to-be-released Beautiful Creatures. I’m a little worried that there will be pressure to change Anna to make it better fit the Twilight mold for marketing reasons, but I’m also just thrilled that this great book is getting the attention it deserves.

(The article also mentions that Meyer is adapting Lois Duncan’s Down a Dark Hall. Interesting!)