Arrow Thoughts & Open Thread: Heir to the Demon


I was really not a fan of last night’s episode of Arrow, “Heir to the Demon.” While I’ve enjoyed the plotlines about Starling City politics in general, and liked the Lance family flashbacks as well as most of the Nyssa stuff, I felt like two of the main plot points of the episode didn’t really make any sense and were just inserted to add drama.

First of all, Thea’s paternity is absolutely none of Felicity’s business. Especially since she seemed to think Oliver needed to know and made no mention of telling Thea herself. Felicity does not need to be part of this plotline, and the whole thing just felt like contrived drama. Telling Oliver in public, right before he has to make a speech about his mother? Ridiculous. And getting all emotional about her family to make him think she has to say something about that? Ugh. Felicity does not need to be part of everything, and Queen family secrets that are likely to hurt other people don’t have to be made public in the service of giving Oliver and Felicity a “moment.”

I also hated the Oliver/Sara hookup at the end of the episode. Sara seems to be mostly trying to get revenge on Laurel, claiming she give her six year to get over her sister sleeping with her boyfriend, but that time doesn’t count if she thinks you’re dead, Sara. This seems like a completely unnecessary complication to add to the Oliver/Laurel/Felicity love triangle, especially as, up to this point, one of my favorite things about the episode was the way the other characters were handling the reveal of Sara’s bisexuality. “I can explain.” “You don’t have to.” Good boy, Oliver. And even Sara’s dad was startlingly quick on the uptake, especially for someone in the midst of a crisis.

Other favorite lines and points of interest:

  • “You guys did get divorced for pretty good reasons.” Totally not Felicity’s place to say, but I giggled.
  • I’m glad they made the point about how Oliver needs to stop supporting Blood, and I want to read the political press’s think pieces on this whole situation.
  • Blood has a point about Moira claiming to be fragile and under Merlyn’s thumb. That will be really easy to use against her in the campaign.
  • “Where’d you two meet?” “Vigilante club.” (I can’t believe Lance still hasn’t figured out how the Arrow is.)
  • “What’s-a matter, didn’t teach you about right crosses in assassin school?”
  • “And now you’ve made a liar out of me.” Um, dude. That ship sailed long ago.
  • “Every single thing that’s gone wrong in our lives is your fault.” Oh, Laurel.

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