Teaser Trailer: Inferno

Confession: I had totally forgotten they were making another of these movies. But the teaser trailer is here and it looks VERY DRAMATIC. (Further confession: I’m not sure I actually saw Angels & Demons. I should do that.) Inferno, based on the book by Dan Brown, stars Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones and will be in theaters on October 28th.

If you’d like a slightly different look at Inferno, here’s the international version:

Dan Brown’s Inferno Set for December 2015

Yesterday, Deadline reported that Sony has scheduled the movie version of Dan Brown’s fourth Robert Langdon novel, Inferno, to hit theaters on December 18, 2015. Yes, this means that it will come before the movie based on the third book, The Lost Symbol, if indeed Lost Symbol ever actually happens. Star Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard are both set to return for Inferno. David Koepp, who wrote Angels and Demons, will write the screenplay.

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