Dracula Unearthed: Let There Be Light

DraculaDracula is over for the season (and possibly forever? No official word on that yet) but the cast and crew have one last episode of Dracula Unearthed for you, in which they discuss the finale. The video features Cole Haddon, Daniel Knauf, Victoria Smurfit, Tony Krantz, and Thomas Kretschmann.

Dracula Unearthed: The Devil’s Waltz

DraculaIn this episode of Dracula Unearthed, writer/producers Cole Haddon, Daniel Knauf, and Tony Krantz and stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Nonso Anozie, Thomas Kretschmann, Victoria Smurfit, and Katie McGrath talk about all of the transformations the characters go through in “The Devil’s Waltz.”

Dracula Unearthed: Goblin Merchant Men

DraculaIn this episode of Dracula Unearthed for last Friday’s “Goblin Merchant Men,” creator Cole Haddon, writer/EP Daniel Knauf, EP Tony Krantz, and cast members Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Victoria Smurfit, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Jessica De Gouw have some interesting things to say about Dracula’s curse, the Grayson/Mina/Harker triangle, and more.

Dracula Preview, Clip, & More

DraculaNBC has released several videos about recent and upcoming episodes of Dracula, so let’s catch up! First, here’s a sneak peek from tonight’s “Goblin Merchant Men.”

And a clip, called “Condemned:”

Here’s the episode of behind-the-scenes show Dracula Unearthed for last week’s “A Whiff of Sulphur:”

Here’s some background on the Seers, who we met last episode:

And a bit about the Blades of St. Eligius: