Backstrom Clips: Dragon Slayer (Pilot)

BackstromThe first episode of Backstrom finally airs on Thursday on FOX, and we’ve got a few clips from the pilot! Is anyone excited about this one? I usually love mysteries in general and Nordic mysteries in particular, but I am just . . . not feeling this. At all. I get that the character is supposed to be unlikeable, and that’s fine, but if that’s the case the audience needs another reason to get invested, and I’m not seeing that so far. (And the various offensive jokes just in these few clips don’t help.) Maybe it will be better as a whole? Maybe?



I See the Everyone in Everyone:

Death Comes to Pemberley Episode 2 Preview & Clip

Death Comes to PemberleyAnyone else excited about the conclusion of Death Comes to Pemberley on PBS this Sunday? Can’t wait! Confession: I read and really liked the book, but I don’t remember off the top of my head what the solution to the murder wound up being and I haven’t gone back to look. I’m guessing I’ll remember partway through, as clues start to stack up, but for now it’s fun treating it like a mystery I haven’t seen/read before! Here’s the preview for the second half:

And a clip from what seems to be the inquest in the second episode: