Full Trailer for Time After Time

ABC has two new shows next season that are based on novels. We already showed you quick first looks, and they haven’t released a longer trailer for Still Star-Crossed yet, but here’s Time After Time:

Thoughts? I’m . . . a little doubtful of this one, honestly. There’s a lot going on – though it’s hard to fit complicated concepts in trailers, of course – and while I don’t particularly object to violent shows, Kevin Williamson’s past few shows have relied a bit too much on the supposed sexiness of violence for me, and it looks like this one might follow suit. (At least they’re letting Bowman and Stroma keep their accents?)

Trailer: Love, Nina

The BBC has released a trailer for new show Love, Nina, adapted by Nick Hornby from Nina Stibbe’s fictionalized book of letters to her sister from when she was a nanny in 1980s London. It stars Faye Marsay and Helena Bonham Carter, and if this trailer is anything to go by, it should be delightful. I don’t think there’s any word on a U.S. airing yet, but I’ll let you know!

First Looks at Time After Time and Still Star-Crossed

TV news is coming in very quickly this week, and early next week, after the carnage is all over, we’ll have a master post for you detailing which shows based on books were renewed or canceled – and which new adaptations are coming our way. In the meantime, though, ABC has posted very short videos for two shows based on novels that it has picked up to series, so let’s take a look!

Time After Time is based on the time travel novel by Karl Alexander, and it’s about Jack the Ripper and H.G. Wells and honestly I’ve read the Wikipedia page five times and can’t seem to retain anything else about it, so I’ll have to read the novel and get back to you. But hey, the show stars Josh Bowman and Freddie Stroma, so that’s a good start.

I know “Romeo and Juliet sequel” is an easy laugh, but Still Star-Crossed (based on the novel by Melinda Taub) deals with the aftermath of their deaths among the people left behind, which is actually a quite interesting idea.

New Promos for Wayward Pines

Wayward PinesWe still don’t have much in the way of long clips from the new season of Wayward Pines, which premieres on Fox on May 25th, but the network released several more short promos last night that definitely provide a taste of what’s to come, even if they’re a little light on specifics. This one is my favorite, because I love stuff set to incongruously peppy pop music:

In related news, I just got an email saying the first book in the series, Pines, is on hold for me at the library, so look for a post about that shortly before the show returns!

The Return of WAYWARD PINES:



Good Luck Getting Home:

Teaser Trailer: Inferno

Confession: I had totally forgotten they were making another of these movies. But the teaser trailer is here and it looks VERY DRAMATIC. (Further confession: I’m not sure I actually saw Angels & Demons. I should do that.) Inferno, based on the book by Dan Brown, stars Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones and will be in theaters on October 28th.

If you’d like a slightly different look at Inferno, here’s the international version:

Wayward Pines Season 2 Promo: The Fight for the Future

Wayward PinesThis new promo for Wayward Pines isn’t hugely revealing, but there are some intriguing glimpses of what we have in store for us this season. I was happy to see the school scenes, because I think those are often the most interesting. (And was that Kacey Rohl’s character pregnant? Hmm.) Season 2 of Wayward Pines premieres on Fox on Wednesday, May 25th. Are you planning to watch?

New Preview for Endeavour Season 3!

EndeavourMorse prequel Endeavour, starring Shaun Evans as the famous detective back when he was just starting out in his career, is one of my favorite mystery shows of recent years, so I’m thrilled that season three is starting on PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery on June 19th. This short preview doesn’t give a whole lot away, but it’s great to see the characters back!

Trailer: Julian Fellowes + Anthony Trollope = Doctor Thorne

Amazon announced yesterday that it had acquired Julian Fellowes’s new miniseries Doctor Thorne, based on the Anthony Trollope novel of the same title. (It’s one of his Chronicles of Barsetshire.) The show stars Tom Hollander, Ian McShane, Alison Brie, Stefanie Martini, Rebecca Front, Harry Richardson, and others; it will arrive on Amazon on May 20th. Here’s Amazon’s new trailer. Thoughts? Mine are a. They don’t even mention Trollope, huh? and b. This looks like lots of pretty clothes and scenery and angst, so yay!

Trailer Thoughts: The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the TrainI’ll admit that I wasn’t particularly impressed with this novel – it felt too gimmicky and predictable to me – but I’m very curious as to how it comes across as a movie, and this trailer suggests that it might have a heavy dose of suspense, which would be very helpful. And a movie by definition will be less in the main character’s head than the book was, so that might make it easier to keep the audience guessing about what’s really going on. I knew going in that they’d moved the action to America, but that still seems to weird to me – the book is so very very British. It IS interesting (and probably good) that they let Emily Blunt keep her accent.

Thoughts? Anyone excited for this one?