Daily Read (4/20/16)

Star Hugh Laurie did a Q&A with Variety about The Night Manager.

Here’s an update on the Bones lawsuits, if any fans have been following that.

Children’s book The Royal Rabbits of London is in the works as a movie, and while I haven’t seen this book, it sounds ADORABLE.

Kevin Bacon will star in Jill Soloway’s adaptation of Chris Kraus novel I Love Dick for Amazon.

Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey have joined upcoming Netflix series Marvel’s Iron Fist.

Daily Read (4/19/16)

This competing Jungle Book situation is really quite something.

Speaking of: pretty Jungle Book art!

The Durrells, based on Gerald Durrell’s memoirs, has been renewed by ITV. Any British readers watching this one? Thoughts?

Jurassic World 2 will be directed by J.A. Bayona, but to be honest, I’m partially mentioning this just to register my objection to the fifth movie in the franchise having “2” in the title.

I love reading about people’s pop culture influences; here’s Julie Plec of The Vampire Diaries.

Daily Read (4/18/16)

Ooh! Joel David Moore – of Bones – is directing a “semi-dystopian” adaptation of Timon of Athens! That story calls it a “modern day Gatsby,” which makes me realize I might not have any idea what Timon of Athens is about. Huh.

Spike TV has ordered a series based on Stephen King’s The Mist. Anyone read that? Should I?

I know we all laugh at the “Romeo & Juliet sequel” concept, but I hear that the book Still Star-Crossed is actually quite good, so the show will be worth a look. Anyway, they’ve cast Clara Rugaard to play Juliet… in flashbacks, I assume?

HBO is making a Fahrenheit 451 movie.

Daily Read (4/15/16)

American Gods has done some more casting.

I haven’t read The Swans of Fifth Avenue yet – it’s a novel about the friendship between Truman Capote and socialite Babe Paley (which, yes, THAT Paley – her husband was the founder of CBS) – but this limited series starring Bryce Dallas Howard could be great or terrible? As could most things, I suppose. But here I think a lot depends on who they get to play Capote; Philip Seymour Hoffman casts a long shadow.

In case you were worried, John Le Carre’s son says his dad likes the Night Manager TV series. Of course, said son is an EP of the series, so what else would he say? (Note: I have no reason to think Le Carre doesn’t genuinely like the show. The story just struck me as funny.)

Bones fans, here are some interesting thoughts from showrunner Michael Peterson on the rest of the season.

It’s always interesting when things are optioned before they’re even published; this Spoonbenders novel/potential show sounds fun but also makes me long for a Curse Workers show.

Daily Read (4/14/16)

Quick takes from the world of adaptations.

New expanded Game of Thrones credits! The 360/VR version is nifty and also might make you seasick.

I am skeptical of both Benedict Cumberbatch hysteria AND the need for a new Grinch movie, but I actually think he’s an interesting choice to voice that character.

Speaking of movies we don’t need: another Peter Pan? Really???

The Fug Girls are now recapping Outlander!

Make sure you don’t miss Caroline Framke’s lovely piece on Bridget Jones.

Concussion Trailer (and Article and Debate)

ConcussionThe trailer for Will Smith’s football brain injury movie Concussion is out, and with it a minor uproar about the fact that Sony shaped the movie to avoid backlash/lawsuits/etc. (This was revealed in emails from the Sony hack.)

First, in case you, like me, missed it the first time around, here’s the GQ article on which the movie is partially based. (I didn’t read it when it was published because my brother was playing college football at the time, and I couldn’t bear to think about this stuff any more than I already was, which was a lot.) It’s fascinating and I totally get why people thought it would make a good movie, even if they weren’t trying to advance an anti-NFL agenda. So it really doesn’t surprise me that they tried to do it without angering the NFL too much. I get why people are upset about it – both from a “purity of art” perspective and a “they SHOULD be trying to take down the NFL” perspective – but we don’t live in a world in which major corporations don’t have to think about the ramifications of their actions and messaging. It’s just good business sense.

And on to the trailer!

It looks good! Aside from the actual football issues, two thoughts: 1. I get the timing for awards season, but, um, Christmassy? AND interesting to have it come out DURING football season. 2. I’m curious how the “Yay immigration!” part will play in the current political environment.

Thoughts on any of this?

Haven Recap at TheTelevixen.com: Exposure

HavenWhat did you think of last Friday’s Haven? My recap is now up at TheTelevixen.com. Aside from a particular point at which they made all the characters stupid to advance a plot point, I thought this was a solid episode, definitely one of the better of the season so far. I’m happy that Audrey, Duke, and Nathan all now seem to be on the same basic plane of existence, and I’m curious to see where a few of the threads introduced in this episode lead.

Haven Recap at TheTelevixen.com: Nowhere Man

HavenHappy Friday! Friday means we get a new episode of Haven tonight, and that means that if you need a refresher on what went down last week you should head over to TheTelevixen.com for my recap of “Nowhere Man.” Hint: I enjoyed parts of this episode but am still mostly frustrated by the season in general. What have you all been thinking of it?

Haven Recaps at TheTelevixen: The Old Switcheroo

HavenOops, apparently I forgot to post the link to my recap of the first part of Haven‘s “The Old Switcheroo” last week, so here, you can have both of them: part one and part two. Body swap episodes are never high on my list of favorite things, but these were done pretty well – some of the acting was amazing – and I’m hoping that the show is starting to get back on track now.