Grantchester Finale Clip + James Norton Q&A

GrantchesterHere’s a clip from the season finale of Grantchester, which airs this Sunday on PBS at 10/9c. Ooh, drama. Are they trying to get Sidney out? I love these reluctant bonding moments between Sidney (James Norton) and Leonard (Al Weaver).

And here’s a fun little Q&A with star James Norton in which he answers all-important questions like “Dogs or cats?” and “Jazz or rock?”

Sarah Phelps Talks Adapting The Casual Vacancy

The Casual VacancyI’m always interested to hear about people’s writing processes in general and book-to-screen adaptations in particular, so I was delighted to see this BBC interview with Sarah Phelps about adapting J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy for TV. Phelps has previously written for EastEnders as well as some other literary adaptations, including Great Expectations; according to IMDb, she’s working on a miniseries adaptation of Christie’s And Then There Were None, so that’s something to look forward to.

Phelps talks about her process, Rowling’s involvement, and more. I particularly liked this bit about characters:

When I think about characters I imagine them walking into a room – how do they carry their weight? Who do they look at? Are their shoulders straight or slumped, do they want to be seen or ignored? Where have they just come from? What was going on? What are they thinking about right this moment? What is the secret that they just can’t tell? And then suddenly they open their mouth and there they are talking.

The Flash Video Interviews: Excitement & Rebirth

The CW has released two more little interview videos for the upcoming premiere of Arrow spinoff The Flash on October 7th. First, star Grant Gustin talks about his excitement at being cast in the project. And I determine that “Lightning gave me abs” will never not make me laugh.

Next, in “Rebirth,” executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg discuss the villains of The Flash:

Nicole Beharie & Tom Mison Talk Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy HollowSleepy Hollow returns in ten days – finally – so let’s take a look at some little Fox video clips featuring the stars talking about their show. I think what Beharie says about being completely honest in ridiculous circumstances and what Mison says about the show getting the joke while the characters play it straight are basically getting at the same thing, and that aspect is a lot of what makes this improbable show actually work so well.

Nicole Beharie:

Tom Mison:

The Flash Video Interview: Not Quite Father and Son

The FlashEveryone getting excited for The Flash? I am! In this video interview from the CW, stars Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin talk about the relationship between Barry and Det. Joe West – who is now his colleague but who also basically raised him, which I had not realized until watching this. The Flash premieres on October 7th.

Jeff Bridges Talks The Giver on Charlie Rose

The GiverThe Giver hits theaters today, and Jeff Bridges will appear on Charlie Rose: The Week tonight to talk about it along with author Lois Lowry. This clip from their interview is very interesting, as Bridges explains how he picked the book and the 18-year process of making the movie – so long that he wound up taking the role he’d originally intended for his father.