New Boxcar Children Movies

According to Deadline, a bunch of new family movies based on children’s books are headed our way from Shout Factory and Legacy Classics – starting with The Boxcar Children. I love these books, so I’m . . . cautiously optimistic. The main thing I’m curious about is whether they’ll making the setting historical or modernize it. I’m not sure about the later books in the series (written by various writers), but so much happens in the early books that would just not make sense given current foster care systems, etc. I feel like an update would really struggle to maintain the original flavor. But we’ll see.

This is also interesting because it says there will be at least four movies, starting with three animated features, but possibly including live-action. Are they going to be part of the same series? Start over at the beginning with live action? Tell me more about the Boxcar Children Cinematic Universe, people.

(Apropos of nothing: I am not wild about the current covers on these books, which… the Amazon embed thingy isn’t working at the moment but you can see the first one here.)

Daily Read (5/25/16)

Great news: Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time adaptation is looking for non-white actors to play the lead roles.

Epix is working on a Get Shorty series, adapting Elmore Leonard’s novel (of which there is also a movie).

Fox 2000 has acquired Walt Becker’s YA fantasy novel Charlie Paris and the Young Ambassadors.

Kyle S. More will play John Hinckley Jr. in Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Reagan. (There’s some further casting at that link, too.)

Daily Read (5/23/16)

Showrunner Ronald D. Moore on How ‘Outlander’ Avoids Formulaic Sex Scenes

Huh. Author Chuck Palahniuk (with collaborators) is crowdfunding a movie based on his novel Lullaby. There are only a few authors with the online followings (of the correct demographics) to pull that off; I’m curious to see how it works out for him.

Showrunner Frank Spotnitz has left The Man in the High Castle.

James Urbaniak has been cast in Wonderstruck.

Full Trailer for Time After Time

ABC has two new shows next season that are based on novels. We already showed you quick first looks, and they haven’t released a longer trailer for Still Star-Crossed yet, but here’s Time After Time:

Thoughts? I’m . . . a little doubtful of this one, honestly. There’s a lot going on – though it’s hard to fit complicated concepts in trailers, of course – and while I don’t particularly object to violent shows, Kevin Williamson’s past few shows have relied a bit too much on the supposed sexiness of violence for me, and it looks like this one might follow suit. (At least they’re letting Bowman and Stroma keep their accents?)

Daily Read (5/19/16)

Armando Iannucci (Veep) is making political satire The Death of Stalin (based on a French graphic novel) and the cast looks interesting so far.

Mother and daughter Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson will star together in Henry James adaptation The Aspern Papers.

The movie based on Dominique Paul’s The Possibility of Fireflies is set to star Courtney Love and Joey King. I’m not sure I realized Courtney Love was starring in movies now.

Glenn Gordon Caron (Moonlighting) is adapting Alan Glynn’s novel Paradime for ITV Studios America.

News for fans of Santa: There’s an adaptation of Matt Haig’s A Boy Called Christmas in the works.

New Clips from The Hollow Crown

I love the BBC’s Shakespearean history play adaptations that are collected together as The Hollow Crown, and while I haven’t yet seen a date for the new season airing in the U.S., the Beeb has kindly put a bunch of clips on YouTube, so at least we can enjoy those!

Queen Margaret strikes the Duchess of Gloucester:

Edward IV is captivated by Elizabeth:

Richard III dreams of the throne:

Richard III and Richmond rally their troops for battle:

Daily Read (5/17/16)

Exciting news for Charlaine Harris fans: NBC has picked up the series adaptation Midnight, Texas. (As I mentioned, we’ll have a roundup of the new adaptations coming to network TV later this week, once the dust settles.)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers will star in World War II drama The 12th Man, which I started writing about because Variety says it’s based on a book, but not . . . the title or author. Helpful. I’m going to guess it’s this one.

Nicholas Gonzalez has been cast in Pretty Little Liars.

Ridley Scott and Drew Goddard are adapting S. Craig Zahler’s novel Wraiths of the Broken Land.

Daily Read (5/16/16)

Here’s another very cute Kit Harington story that you should only click on if you’re caught up or spoiled on Game of Thrones.

Pablo Schreiber is your new Mad Sweeney in American Gods.

This joint Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan prequel Come Away sounds intriguing.

Joel Kinnaman will star in Altered Carbon, based on Richard Morgan’s book.

Matt Rager will write the movie adaptation of Daniel Ammann’s Marc Rich book The King of Oil.

Trailer: Love, Nina

The BBC has released a trailer for new show Love, Nina, adapted by Nick Hornby from Nina Stibbe’s fictionalized book of letters to her sister from when she was a nanny in 1980s London. It stars Faye Marsay and Helena Bonham Carter, and if this trailer is anything to go by, it should be delightful. I don’t think there’s any word on a U.S. airing yet, but I’ll let you know!