Station Eleven Movie in the Works

This is not particularly surprising, as news goes, but it’s worth noting: the film rights to Emily St. John Mandel’s post-apocalyptic novel Station Eleven have been acquired by producer Scott Steindorff. Critic Alyssa Rosenberg is concerned that the description in the article above suggests that the movie will be made with a male protagonist; I join her in hoping that it was just clumsy wording (pulled from a publisher-provided description, I believe). Kirsten is the strongest, most interesting character in the novel, so I certainly hope she is given appropriate prominence in the screen version.

I read Station Eleven a few months ago, and I simultaneously think that it’s a natural choice for adaptation and that a movie might easily destroy what I personally liked about the book. I’m not particularly interested in dystopian stories, most of the time; I liked the book in spite of the subject matter, not because of it. I was more interested in the overall themes about art and fame and survival, and I was captivated by Mandel’s language – even at times when I didn’t really care about or was frustrated by the plot, I couldn’t stop reading because the writing was so beautiful. And, of course, beautiful writing is one of the hardest attributes of a novel to translate to the screen. So. We’ll see.

Have any of the rest of you read the book? Are you hopeful about the movie version?