Fresh Off the Boat Gets a Premiere Date

Fresh Off the BoatABC has finally scheduled their new family comedy Fresh Off the Boat, based on Eddie Huang’s memoir. According to Give Me My Remote, the show will kick off with two episodes on Wednesday, February 4th at 8:30/7:30c and 9:30/8:30c, and then movie to its normal timeslot the following week, on Tuesday, February 10th at 8/7c. The show, set in 1995, is about a Chinese-American family who moves to Orlando to run a Western-themed restaurant. Anyone read the book? Is it any good?

The BBC Takes on The Cuckoo’s Calling

Well, here’s some news that I’m extremely excited about. According to Deadline, the BBC is making a drama series based on Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike detective novels, starting with The Cuckoo’s Calling. Galbraith is, of course, a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books. I absolutely loved The Cuckoo’s Calling and am looking forward to reading The Silkworm, so I really hope this show works out well! And I am very curious to see who they cast, especially as Strike and Robin. Ideas??

Trailer: Mozart in the Jungle

Mozart in the JungleMozart in the Jungle is almost here! As someone who loves classical music, I am very excited about this show, which comes to Amazon on December 23rd. This trailer seemed to lean more heavily on the dramatic sides of this so-called comedy, and really, the thing that struck me most was the giant sheet music in that one scene. What’s with that??

Bones Thoughts & Open Thread: The Puzzler in the Pit


“The Puzzler in the Pit” was one of my favorite episodes of Bones of recent memory, what with a mystery set in a culture that fascinates me and the birth of Daisy’s son. Let’s deal with the mystery first: the victim of the week is Lawrence Brooks, a celebrity crossword puzzle maker who’s basically Will Shortz. I was actually surprised by how closely the working relationship between Brooks and his assistant Alexis Sherman seemed to mirror Shortz and Anna Shechtman – especially as Sherman wound up being a prime suspect. She was ambitious and wanted Brooks to let her start publishing her own puzzles, and when he died she apparently automatically got his job (???). She was also stealing money from him to pay her gambling debts. Other suspects include Brooks’s wife, who was concealing his Alzheimer’s disease, and a puzzle-making competitor, but the culprit turns out to be Brooks’s biographer – who was also his secret son. This was yet another case in which the murderer wasn’t really trying to kill the victim and the death was accidental during a fight that came out of a tragic misunderstanding, and I feel like various procedural shows have been doing this a lot recently. (Or maybe I’m just noticing it recently.)

So. Daisy! She’s very pregnant and acting fine and cheerful and totally unlike herself, trusting a doula who tells her she’ll be able to magically communicate with her baby and discourages her from showing any pain. Brennan and Angela – who have both been through this, of course – try to talk sense into her. “Is there anything I can do?” “Maybe just keep telling her she’s ignorant? Stuff like that?” It’s clear that Daisy’s out-of-character behavior is a reaction to going through her pregnancy and facing motherhood without Sweets. POOR THING. The pain of labor finally makes her act like her normal self: she throws the doula out of her hospital room, asks for meds, and solves the case while giving birth. She names the baby Seeley Lance Wicks-Sweets, and everyone, including me, cries, especially at the first thing Booth says to his tiny godson: “Listen. I knew your dad.”

Other favorite lines and stray thoughts:

  • “When he’s ready, he’ll tell me how he wants his room set up.”
  • I love Brennan giving Daisy tons of baby stuff. “I’m sure the baby can feel your generosity.” “I doubt that very much.”
  • “Honey, she’s shopping for crystals.”
  • “You wouldn’t happen to have another envelope containing a believable alibi, would you?”
  • “Sorry, you’re getting a little bossy.” “Yeah, I know. It feels good.”
  • Awww, I love Aubrey getting Booth off the gambling site.
  • “Daisy, your water just broke.” “I’m sorry. I’ll clean it up.”

Sleepy Hollow: Fall Finale Trailer

Sleepy Hollow(Note: Because of travel and new preemptions, I know I’m a few behind on various TV posts for you. The shows are all headed toward holiday breaks anyway, so I’ll catch up over the next few weeks. Sorry about that!)

The fall finale of Sleepy Hollow, “The Akeda,” airs tonight on Fox at 9/8c, and the network has released an awesome movie-style trailer for the hour. Enjoy!