Death Comes to Pemberley Episode 2 Preview & Clip

Death Comes to PemberleyAnyone else excited about the conclusion of Death Comes to Pemberley on PBS this Sunday? Can’t wait! Confession: I read and really liked the book, but I don’t remember off the top of my head what the solution to the murder wound up being and I haven’t gone back to look. I’m guessing I’ll remember partway through, as clues start to stack up, but for now it’s fun treating it like a mystery I haven’t seen/read before! Here’s the preview for the second half:

And a clip from what seems to be the inquest in the second episode:

Haven Recap at Nowhere Man

HavenHappy Friday! Friday means we get a new episode of Haven tonight, and that means that if you need a refresher on what went down last week you should head over to for my recap of “Nowhere Man.” Hint: I enjoyed parts of this episode but am still mostly frustrated by the season in general. What have you all been thinking of it?

Marvel Announcements + Age of Ultron Special Look

Avengers: Age of UltronMarvel made a big announcement about their upcoming slate of movies yesterday, including Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and more. I’m not going to try to rehash it all – everyone better qualified has already done so on every other site on the Internet – but if you missed anything or need more details, check out the official Marvel site.

And here’s a new look at Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will be in theaters in May! I basically want the entire movie to be like the first minute of this video. I know, I know, I am not going to get what I want.

Teaser: Agent Carter

Agent CarterWheee, Marvel has released a teaser for new show Agent Carter, which will air in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Tuesday timeslot starting in January on ABC! It stars Hayley Atwell and will run for eight episodes. I am so excited about this, I cannot even tell you. Anyone else?

Elementary Season Premiere Sneak Peeks

ElementaryElementary is premiering later than most shows this year, because of CBS’s football schedule, but it’s finally back this Thursday, October 30th! Here are two sneak peeks from the premiere, “Enough Nemesis to Go Around.” Can’t wait! I’ll be writing about this show each week again this season. Who’s watching?

Sleepy Hollow Thoughts & Open Thread: And the Abyss Gazes Back


I’m somewhat ambivalent about the most recent Sleepy Hollow. “And the Abyss Gazes Back” focused on the Native American mythical creature the Wendigo. But first: the most delightful part of the episode, in which Abbie makes Crane do yoga with her. He is not a fan. “I find yoga neither soothing nor relaxing.” (Me neither, Crane.) This does make him open up and admit that he’s hurt by Katrina keeping information from him, but duty calls: “War does not permit us the luxury of dwelling on personal matters. Nor, indeed, the downward facing of our dogs.” Heee.

But, anyway, the A story: Sheriff Corbin’s son Joe comes back to town after being discharged from the Marines because he was the only survivor of an attack on his platoon – which, spoiler, was because Joe himself was the attacker. Remember that bone flute Henry ground up? He used it to make a powder to curse Joe (by mail! with a return address that lets them trace him!) and turn him into the cannibalistic monster. After Joe transforms and kills again in Sleepy Hollow, Crane figures out what’s going on – because of a Wendigo incident at Valley Forge with Daniel Boone’s brother, of course.

Joe is upset about his father’s death, understandably, and taking it out on Abbie: he holds her responsible for both the sheriff’s death and for the way he felt his father didn’t care about him in life. “He never told me anything. Why would he? He was too busy with you.” But the sheriff did love his son, of course, and showed it by . . . leaving him instructions to dig up a box holding rare Chinese poison. Okay. Henry wants the poison, for reasons we’re not told, and tells Joe he’ll cure the Wendigo curse if Joe gives him the poison. But, of course, the “cure” actually leaves him as a Wendigo: “Your true curse is humanity. Now Abigail will see you for what you truly are: A creature of war.” Luckily, Crane and Abbie, with help from Hawley, have obtained a real cure from Hawley’s Native American contacts, and after he’s cured, Joe and Abbie reconcile at least somewhat, and he asks her to write him a recommendation letter to Quantico. Aww. (Because I’m sure the recommendation of someone who got in and then never showed up is very powerful.)

This case of the week was fine, I guess, and it was nice filling in some of Abbie and Corbin’s backstory. But I still feel like this season is lacking in momentum, and while we’re told everything fits together, we don’t really see it. Henry’s plan way too often seem to be just kind of Generally Being Evil, and that’s just not that much fun to watch. Hopefully everything will come together. We’ll see.

Elsewhere, Henry tells Irving he can reclaim his soul by killing the drunk driver who hit and paralyzed Macy. Unless I missed something, it’s entirely unclear why said drunk driver is in the psych hospital with Irving. Did Henry just magic him in there somehow? Even if it doubles as a rehab place, this is years later and he wouldn’t still be there. Ugh. Anyway, Irving tries to kill him but sort of stops – or he’s clearly thinking about stopping, anyway, when the orderlies pull him away. He’s in trouble, of course, and he makes a confusing call to Abbie in which he basically says that he’s terrible and doomed, but it’s not clear exactly why he’s calling, other than that the show needs Abbie and Crane to know what’s going on to go save him.

And then at the end there’s a creepy spider thing with Katrina that I honestly don’t even want to think about. But I guess that will be our case of the week next week! Oh joy!

Other favorite lines and points of interest:

  • “Superman is Peter Parker? No no no, that’s the arachnid fellow.” THE ARACHNID FELLOW.
  • “Those who fight monsters should see to it that in the process they do not become one.”
  • I feel the need to remind you of this entire exchange: “…a close friend of mine, Daniel Boone.” “Daniel Boone, as in the guy with a raccoon on his head?” “How is it that the man who settled Kentucky is remembered by the modern world as the guy with a raccoon on his head?” “Probably because he wore a raccoon on his head.” “Well, very rarely. Daniel much preferred beaver pelt.” “As much as I would love to debate the variety of rodent hats that existed in your days, can we please refocus?”
  • “These unwinding activities – your yoga, your video games – they miss the purpose of relaxation.”
  • “You had me at secret Masonic cell.”
  • Crane on his son: “Needless to say, he’s going through a rebellious phase.”
  • I loved Joe telling Crane to tell his son he loves him.
  • “I get it, you’re fluent in Shawnee, Mr. Dances with Wendigo.”
  • Crane cutting his hand so he would be Wendigo bait along with Abbie was a nice touch to show his commitment to being in this together with her, but also made me happy on a philosophical level given that female characters are much more often used as bait in these situations.
  • “Are you gaming online?” “I’m not entirely sure.”
  • “Even God thought the devil was beautiful, before he fell.”

Sleepy Hollow Clips: And the Abyss Gazes Back

Sleepy HollowReady for some clips from tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, “And the Abyss Gazes Back”? In addition to some yoga- and drinking-related hilarity, it looks like we’re going to meet Sheriff Corbin’s son Joe, played by Zach Appelman! I’m curious to see what his deal is, other than getting into bar fights. Sleepy Hollow airs on Fox tonight at 9/8c.

Meet Joe Corbin:

A Soul for a Soul: