Outlander Thoughts & Open Thread: The Wedding


(Sorry this post is so late this week! I’ve been writing about all the new show premieres over at TheTelevixen.com and that has eaten all my time.)

So! The wedding episode of Outlander! The circumstances were different from the book, but I thought it was a lovely episode and made perfect sense in the context of the show’s plot. And the format here was a bit unexpected – we start with some of Claire’s modern wedding to Frank, and then jump right to the end of her wedding with Jamie. I found it slightly bewildering at first that they showed so little of the wedding, but, of course, they showed more of it in flashbacks later, and it all makes sense when we find out that Claire was drunk and doesn’t actually remember much of it. And, you know, fair enough: She’s completely torn about this wedding because she obviously likes Jamie and understands the need to marry him in order to survive, but she’s already married. (And it’s nice of Jamie not to be upset that she had to get drunk to marry him.) Claire feeling guilty about her sort-of bigamy is a theme throughout the episode, so it’s interesting that at the beginning, her modern, “real” wedding is made to look very casual and unserious compared to the ritual and tradition of her marriage of convenience to Jamie. (And speaking of the ritual, did they warn her that she’d have to speak Scottish? And that there were knives involved? Poor thing.)

And then, of course, we’re on to the wedding night; they need to consummate the marriage (or at least convince everyone) so Claire can be sure of Jamie and his clan’s protection. They’re both adorably awkward and nervous and stall a lot, mainly by telling stories about their pasts and their families. And really, it’s great that they got a chance to actually get to know each other better, though I’m impressed and slightly suspicious that Claire was able to talk about her family for hours without messing up and giving anything away. Jamie is incredibly sweet throughout this whole thing, and he gives Claire his mother’s pearls, even. How long until Claire figures out that he’s actually in love with her, I realize? And how long until she tells him the truth about herself? I am very curious to see whether the show follows the book in that regard.

Other favorite lines and points of interest:

  • “Eventually you forget what the pearls even look like. At least you try.”
  • “You’re a regular Bob Hope.” “Is he a funny man?”
  • “I said I was a virgin, not a monk.”
  • “I said I was completely under your power and happy to be there.” Swoon.
  • “Do you think my mother would have approved?” “Do I look like a gypsy to you? Able to commune with the spirits?”
  • “Christ, it would be easier if I kill you both.”
  • What do we think the key Jamie had Claire’s wedding ring made from is for? Interesting that he avoided telling her.
  • “I remember every moment. Every second.” SWOON again.
  • “It was as if I stepped outside on a cloudy day and suddenly the sun came out.” OKAY, Jamie, you’re killing us here.
  • “Take off your shirt. I want to look at you.” In which Claire speaks for much of the audience.
  • Dougal, I’m not sure you’re supposed to hit on brides on their wedding nights.