iZombie Casting/Recasting Catchup: Aly Michalka & More

Aly MichalkaRob Thomas’s new show iZombie, based on the comics, has been doing some recasting before its midseason debut. The main character’s best friend will now be played by Aly Michalka, rather than Alexandra Krosney, who was in the pilot. Molly Hagan, rather than Nora Dunn, will now play the main character’s mother. In addition, Judy Reyes will guest star. No word yet on a premiere date – I’ll let you know when they announce one.

Trailer: The Mystery of Agatha Christie

David Suchet as PoirotThis isn’t technically an adaptation, but I think it’s probably of interest – David Suchet (Poirot) is hosting a documentary called The Mystery of Agatha Christie, “a journey to discover the woman behind some of literature’s most famous characters.” I’m sure it will cover her famous disappearance, but plenty of other parts of her life would also make good material – she was a nurse in World War I, and had all sorts of adventures with her second husband, an archaeologist – so I’m hoping they’ll spend some time on those periods of her life as well. The Mystery of Agatha Christie premieres on PBS on September 28th at 10:30/9:30c, which seems scandalously late for the PBS audience. (Including myself.) I think that means it’ll be following The Paradise and a Miss Marple episode.

Outlander Preview: The Gathering

OutlanderIt looks like things will be picking up a bit on Saturday’s episode of Outlander, “The Gathering,” as apparently Claire will be trying to escape. That seems like a bad idea if she doesn’t have a really good plan – because at least where she is she’s somewhat protected and not wandering the dangerous woods alone – but what do I know?

Arrow & The Flash Casting: J.R. Ramirez, Matt Ward, Clancy Brown, & More

J.R. RamirezArrow has cast a few DC Comics characters: J.R. Ramirez will play Wildcat, Matt Ward will play Komodo, and David Cubitt will play Manhunter. Additionally, Charlotte Ross will appear as Felicity’s mom on at least one episode.

Meanwhile, over at the spinoff, Clancy Brown has joined The Flash in the recurring role of The General. Greg Finley will play Girder.

Outlander Thoughts & Open Thread: The Way Out


I continued to really enjoy Outlander with its third episode, “The Way Out,” though I’m still surprised by how slowly it’s moving, and am not sure exactly when that will start becoming a problem. Claire is also very oblivious to Jamie’s interest in her – though to be fair, she does see him kiss someone else – but come on. He’s being extremely obvious, and while her cluelessness was cute here, that will also get old quickly. But for now, everything’s pretty adorable, especially when she makes him help hapless children.

I still think Claire’s way too blase about the whole time travel thing – especially since her reaction to things like possession was an out-of-hand dismissal of the possibility of the supernatural. That’s a hard balance to strike, and I’m curious to see how her reactions to some of the supposed superstitions change as she spends more time in the eighteenth century. And this, of course, goes right along with her fascinating quest to give these people as much benefit from her modern medicine as she can – no Prime Directive here, clearly – while working within the parameters of what they will accept (and, obviously, the technological limitations).

Other thoughts:

  • It’s interesting how they’re using Frank flashforwards to set up Claire as a stubborn person in general, rather than risk implying that it’s merely a cultural/time period clash.
  • “Your next husband’ll be a lucky man.” Heh.
  • “I’m not an English spy. I’m from the future.” I’m glad Claire figured out that this would just get her called a witch before she actually said it, but it was still hilarious.
  • Of course someone happens to sing a folk song that describes exactly what happened to Claire. (Though I’ll admit I’m a sucker for the whole “translate this song/poem into my ear” trope.)

Did you watch? What did you think?