Arrow Thoughts & Open Thread: City of Blood


First: Moira’s funeral. So sad. I loved how they juxtaposed the funeral and the inauguration. I loved Walter’s return, and Laurel trying to be there for Thea, and Diggle supporting Felicity. “You’re not crying for her, Felicity. You’re crying for Oliver.” Poor Oliver – hiding out alone in his secret secret lair, convinced he has to sacrifice himself to save his remaining loved ones. Diggle and Felicity try to talk him out of it, of course, but when they can’t, they – with the assistance of Laurel – go ahead and just forcibly prevent him from giving himself up to Slade. I love them.

Which brings us to Laurel. I freaking love her so much. And this was probably her best episode yet. I loved that she figured stuff out herself, bugged the mayor, and then went to Diggle and Felicity with her knowledge. And it makes me so happy that she knows Oliver is the Arrow and that she’s not mad or anything, they’re just . . . talking about it and dealing. “You thought about telling me, the night of the Undertaking.” “I thought about telling you almost every night.” That’s really the icing, though: the cake is Laurel telling Oliver about the connection between Slade and Blood – actual useful information that she found out on her own, and information that shows that everything is not quite as much Oliver’s fault as he has been assuming.

Of course, Laurel doesn’t get an immediate pass onto Team Arrow. Oliver doesn’t want to have to worry about her safety in the middle of a plan that was already made without her, which makes a certain amount of sense. “I need you to trust me, and I need you to be safe.” “But not them?” “This started with the three of us. It’s time we got back to that.” He has a point, and I tend to hate the trope of the “non-professional” partner refusing to stay in the car/remain in safety/etc., but at the same time, I loved Laurel showing up and actually being useful. (Well. Except for making it harder for Oliver to sacrifice himself at the last moment, which I assume is what the torpedo flashbacks were foreshadowing.)

At the end of the episode, we have Slade’s army rising up in the middle of Starling City, in a truly creepy way – in the police station and the train station, at least, as people put on masks and start attacking people. Presumably this battle for Starling City is what leads us into the last two episodes of the season.

Other favorite lines and points of interest:

  • “She was diabolical. Not a word you often hear at someone’s funeral.”
  • Always here for Felicity’s tech interest. “But that’s not even supposed to exist yet. I want one.”
  • “Not powerful in an evil dictator Stalin way . . .”
  • “There has not been a day since you were born where I didn’t cherish having you as a sister.” Aww.
  • “I know you like I know my own name.”
  • “Bitch.” “Bitch with wifi.”
  • “How do you know I’ve been working with Slade Wilson?” “Because I’m the Arrow.” Loved that reveal.