Dracula Thoughts & Open Thread: Servant to Two Masters


I’m finding I don’t necessarily have a ton to say about this show week to week: I’m still enjoying it well enough while finding it ridiculous and vaguely baffling. Unlike a lot of other viewers, I actually really like the energy stuff, which had a big role again this week. I like it partially because it seems so weird and random, but at the same time makes total sense: Of course someone who couldn’t go in the sun would be heavily invested in the quest for artificial light. And I enjoy the way it pulls in actual issues of the time. Of course, now Grayson can go in the sun, at least for short amounts of time, and the way it has only increased his yearning to be human is fascinating. He tries not to feed, only to be overcome during a dance with Mina and have to run away from her, and he somehow blames Van Helsing for it all: “You’re more of a monster than I am, and some day, I will kill you for it.” And while Mina seems to be starting to acknowledge her connection and attraction to Grayson, Harker is starting to see through him, but realizes that Grayson has made him do his dirty work and so can blackmail him into keeping secrets. By the end of the episode, Harker has gotten himself mixed up with the Order of the Dragon, and I’m very curious to see how this all shakes out – and how long Harker and Mina’s engagement can actually last before Harker rebels against the third person in their relationship.