Arrow Thoughts & Open Thread: Crucible


I’ll admit that last night’s episode of Arrow, “Crucible,” didn’t quite draw me in the way that most of the episodes have this season, but it was still solid. I also have to admit that I’m loving the scenes in which Oliver acts as himself this season, maybe even more than the Arrow stuff. The party at the beginning with Felicity more or less acting as his hostess was delightful, and though I’m still not really shipping them the way a lot of fans are, I love their dynamic and I thought her “Do you have any happy stories?” was the line of the episode. I also liked the Cash for Guns event, because again, that’s a real thing that Oliver is putting his resources toward.

Other thoughts:

  • I’ve been wanting Laurel to get more of a story, and it seems like Sara’s reappearance is setting her up for that, but I’m not necessarily thrilled with the addiction storyline route.
  • Love how Roy Harper keeps getting called Abercrombie.
  • I think I forgot to mention last time that I’m thrilled to have Bex Taylor-Klaus back on my TV – I loved her in The Killing – and this week I was very glad to see that they seem to be doing something other than a love triangle with her, Roy, and Thea.
  • Speaking of: “You know you’re dating a moron, right?” “It’s my first and last thought of every day.” Heh.

What did you think of the episode?