Under the Dome: “Outbreak”

Under the DomeSo . . . I mean this in a nice way, but does anyone care? I will admit that I’ve been very disappointed by Under the Dome so far, and it seems that many of you are feeling the same way. For a situation with so much obvious tension and danger, the show seems oddly . . . boring. I don’t object to changes from the book in theory, but as I’ve said before, a lot of the things they’ve changed seem to make the plot less interesting. I’m happy to keep posting about it each week if people want to discuss, but if no one does, I won’t bother. Let me know!

Anyway, on this week’s “Outbreak” . . . well, at least we got some answers about Barbie and Julia, maybe, if Barbie’s telling the truth. They made Barbie way less sympathetic in the show than in the book, which seems like an odd thing to do for the person who is more or less your leading man. And . . . oh, Angie. What are they doing with Angie? When she was found at the end of the episode, I realized that I had completely forgotten that a supposed main character was in life-threatening peril all hour. That is not a good sign.

  • Laura

    Yeah, I didn’t even watch or record this week. “Very disappointed so far” sums it up for me! I was really looking forward to it, but I give up on it.