Justified Season Finale Thoughts & Roundup

JustifiedJustified‘s fourth season came to an end on Tuesday night with “Ghosts,” and I’ll admit I have somewhat mixed feelings about this one. At the beginning of the season, I really liked the fact that they were attempting an overarching mystery plot, but I think I wound up liking it better in theory than in execution. As with most long mystery plots, it wound up being fairly convoluted and sometimes hard to follow exactly what was going on and how it all connected. But at the same time, week to week, this was still one of my favorite shows on TV; they did do a good job of making every week an interesting set piece even if the way they all connected was sometimes hard to follow. I liked the way the finale spent plenty of time on both Raylan and Boyd, and set them up to be in new, interesting situations in season five. And that final scene with Raylan is definitely one of those TV moments that sticks with you.

Here’s some coverage of the end of the season, including a bunch of interviews with showrunner Graham Yost about the finale and what’s to come. If you have some good ones I missed, put them in the comments!