Justified: Truth and Consequences

This week’s Justified, “Truth and Consequences,” continued this season’s tendency so far of making the “case of the week” in fact part of the overarching mystery of the season. I’m really enjoying that storytelling method, because it’s a good way to keep a long plotline going while a) keeping the action level up, since that’s what we expect from this show, and b) keeping the story from getting too convoluted. This week, Raylan and Tim go to find Drew Thompson’s supposed widow Eve, now remarried, divorced, and working as a psychic. When the FBI shows up while the marshals are at her house, she runs and promptly gets kidnapped – and Raylan realizes that the FBI agent is working with the kidnapper. Raylan uses his super-marshal powers to get the FBI agent to tell him where Eve is being held before he kills himself, and the marshals rescue Eve and convince her to cooperate. And so we finally get a bit more of the puzzle: Thompson witnessed Theo Tonin murder a government informant, and then told his wife that he was planning to fake his death, but didn’t tell her the details in order to ensure her safety.

Elsewhere, Boyd continues his battle with the St. Cyr siblings. (Are they really siblings? Are they sleeping together? This was sort of suggested. Hm.) He tries to bribe Cassie to get her brother to move his preaching elsewhere, but she refuses: “Unlike the rest of these sorry souls around here, I’m not afraid of you.” So Boyd sends one of his guys after Billy, but the would-be assassin (or was he just going to beat him up?) is bitten by one of the snakes Billy handles during his sermons/performances as proof of God’s protection. But when the bite victim doesn’t get as sick as he should, Boyd realizes that Cassie has been “milking” the snakes to take away the risk. He shows up with a new snake for another great showdown with Billy, and Walton Goggins is really magical in these scenes. Billy refuses to believe what his sister was doing, and ends up collapsing after the truly dangerous snake bites him. Well. That’s one way to get rid of your enemies.

On the home front, Lindsey finally admits to Raylan that her (ex? supposedly?) husband was in jail because they had been conning men together by having Lindsey get involved with them to get information on how Raymond could rob them, but Raymond wound up jealous and hurt one of the men. Raylan being Raylan, having that blind spot for people he wants to save, takes her at her word and threatens Raymond – and so, of course, by the end of the episode, Raylan’s place has been ransacked and Lindsey and Raymond are gone. The obvious suggestion, of course, was that Lindsey was continuing her con on Raylan, but I wouldn’t be surprised if things wind up more complicated than that.

There’s a quiet little subplot burbling along with Rachel this season. When Art calls her on her risky, not quite by-the-book behavior on the job, she points out that Raylan pulls this nonsense all the time and never gets punished for it, which is really quite a good point. The show occasionally showing that it’s aware of how ridiculous the whole Raylan situation is really makes me like it better. Art: “Well, he’s a lost cause. I still have some hope for you.” Heh. At the end of the episode, Raylan meets Rachel at the bar, and she confesses that she’s left her husband. “Is this where I’m supposed to ask if you want to talk about it? . . . Thank God. I thought you were gonna want to talk about it.” Oh, Raylan, never change.